Gods of Graffiti – FUZZ ONE


FUZZ is one of the pioneering writers of the graffiti movement. He started writing around 1970 and became one of the best known writers from the Bronx, using aliases like ROMEO, PRINCE, IVORY2, LORD138, 2WILD, and many more. For Gods of Graffiti he looked back on his career and put his most important partners from each period in focus.

After three years of revisiting formative locations he wrote down the stories on the events that build the strong bounds to his friends and crew mates. But the 180 paged hardcover includes far more than just excerpts from his past: Besides rare photographs over 70 hand drawn elaborate full color sketches illustrate the stories. FUZZ’s traditional New York blackbook drawing style makes Gods of Graffiti half memoir, half blackbook, packed with beautiful detailed scenes, characters and authentic tags from the respective era.

As member of many top notch crews like The Fantastic Partners, The Ebony Dukes or the 3 Yard Boys FUZZ has many anecdotes to share. Whether it’s a meeting with mysterious all city legend PRAY or chase stories with NOC167 and DONDI: each episode features legendary writers like STAFF161, BAN2, COMET, SOLID, BOT707, KINDO, HASH161, CLIFF159, BIL ROC or BILLY167.

Gods of Graffiti is a tribute to FUZZ’s partners and insight into his life story at the same time. The six chapters are accompanied by a foreword from KET.

180 pages, 25 x 21 cm, hardcover with screen print details
Author: Vincent FUZZ Fedorchak
Language: English
Editors: Alan Ket & Cezary Hunkiewicz
Release date: 27th May 2023
Publishers: Brain Damage Gallery & Museum of Graffiti

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