All City Writers – Edition X (2024)


The first edition of All City Writers was originally published in 2009. With more than 400 pages and extensive text passages it was one of the biggest and in-depth analysing publications on graffiti ever. The global spreading and evolution of namewriting after it was born in Philadelphia and New York in the late 1960s has been in the book’s focus. In chronological order the content lists every relevant event in the subculture from the first use of an arrow in 1967, to release dates of important newspaper articles or first trips from Europeans to New York. Never before so many information on writing has been compiled in one single publication.

15 years after Andrea Caputo did publish this tome, it was time for a completely revised and updated version. With more than 200 more pages in May 2024 finally All City Writers – Edition X was published. Several new chapters have been added, spotlighting recent developments like graffiti on European freight trains, social media or groundbreaking stylistic progresses. Just like the first edition the updated volume includes a large part on the Italian scene in the city chronicles chapters. New contributions to the content are from Javier Abarca, Pablo Allison, Alonso Alcalde, BANOS, François Chastanet, Edward Nightingale, Good Guy Boris, Andrea Ceresa, Robert Kaltenhäuser, MOSES & TAPS™, UTAH & ETHER, and others.

Know your history is a common term within the graffiti writing culture. This book might be the best entry into research you could think of. Next to hundreds of photos in features texts by Andrea Nelli, CMP SPIN, CEMNOZ, Alex Pistoja, STONE, KAPI, SABE, Bomber Johan, CES53, RHYME, ZEDZ, SHARK, SHOE, FUME, BATES, CAT22, CHANA, Zaki Dee, MODE2, BANDO, MILK, ATOME, PURE, MICKEY, NEON, SIE, REAZE, MELLIE, EGS, KAOS, MINS, ZEBSTER, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, PHASE2 (†), Jacob Kimvall, REW, LOOMIT, VINO, OPAK, ASH, DARE (†), HIGH (†), PENGO, RCF1, SKKI, LORD, DRAX, WON, PUPPET, SKETZH, DELTA, RENS, MOON, SEK, Malcolm Jacobson, MASON, and many others.

This book is a must-have! To understand the genesis and evolution of graffiti into an internationally spread phenomenon All City Writers – Edition X should be added to your book shelf.

616 pages, 24 x 33 cm, softcover with dust jacket
Language: English
Curated by: Andrea Caputo and Pietro Rivasi
Editiors: Javier Abarca, Ben Brohanszky, Andrea Ceresa, François Chastanet,  Team Flightmode, Erik Hannerz, Robert Kaltenhäuser, Jacob Kimvall
Release: May 2024
ISBN: 979-12210/40258
Publisher: SYNC-SYNC Editions

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