Graffiti – Friederike Häuser

Graffiti – Friederike Häuser


Graffiti – Interdisziplinäre und kontemporäre Perspektiven.
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by Friederike Häuser

In the last decades there have been many publications on the subject of graffiti, but the majority of these publications do not claim to be scientific, but rather aesthetic. Editor Friederike Häuser tries to change this in her anthology “Graffiti – Interdisziplinäre und kontemporäre Perspektiven.” (Interdisciplinary and Contemporary Perspectives.). On 255 pages, the 14 international authors like Larissa Kikol, Jacob Kimvall or Robert Kaltenhäuser take a closer look at a wide variety of topics in graffiti.

For example, Lene ter Haar, who asks the question: Graffiti in art collections, does that have to be?, Ulrich Blanché, shows how early hip-hop culture in European countries mixed with punk culture and Friederike Häusers essay focuses on commissioned graffiti and how this is also used as a tool in the fight against graffiti.

In the book “Graffiti – Interdisziplinäre und kontemporäre Perspektiven.” are many exciting approaches that enable the reader to look deeper and more complex into the title topic. Many texts are also illustrated with photos.

Oliver Bartelds (German text), Ulrich Blanché (English text), Katharina Galladé (German text), Katja Glaser (English text), Lene ter Haar (German text), Friederike Häuser (German text), Robert Kaltenhäuser (English text), Larissa Kikol (German text), Jacob Kimvall (English text), Florian Moritz (German text), Pamela Pachl (German text), Pietro Rivasi (English text), Jeffrey Ian Ross (English text) and Victoria del Valle (German text)

255 pages, 15,1 cm x 23 cm, softcover
Special: downloadable E-Book code inside
Language: German or English (Some authors wrote in English and some in German)
Release date: 2021
Publisher: Beltz Juventa

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