Dortmund is one of the few cities which has an untouchable status in the history of graffiti in Europe. Especially in the 90s a small group of writers managed to kill the system, having every running train covered with pieces. One of these guys was RIO. Active since 1986 and using pseudonyms like MASON or IOS, he contributed in shaping the city’s unique style, known as thick, blocky and recognizable at first sight.

THE PROCESS OF WRITING has the RIO alias in focus that he established in 1989. From first steps to avoid further police investigation, the name became a cornerstone of his graffiti career. Due its pureness and simplicity it came out as a perfect bombing name. The book is not a comprehensive chronicle showing every piece he ever did. He rather did look back and separated his œuvre into a chronological exhibition of works.

Next to scans of original investigation files and explanations to selected actions, like pieces in the big New York chapter, the 224-paged hardcover includes essays by Robert Kaltenhäuser, FUME and Pietro Rivasi. Although the city of Dortmund was RIO’s main target the book features content from travels to the Netherlands, the United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Austria and Belgium.

THE PROCESS OF WRITING is available as black or white edition, each one limited to 500 copies. We are happy to offer you some of the first one hundred copies which have been signed by RIO. First come, first serve.

224 pages, 17,5 cm x 24,6 cm, hardcover
Limited edition of 500 of each version, numbered and signed
Language: German, English
Release date: April 2023
Publisher: RIO