Paying tribute through dedication pieces is relatively common in the graffiti scene, usually tipping your hat to the founding fathers from New York City. NEW OLD STOCK is a brand new magazine which completely consists of homage works from writers from Cologne, Dortmund and Stuttgart. But as every generation looks up to their own idols, in this case a wide spread style of pieces in Germany from the 1990s was the aim of dedication.

A unique way of bombing, mainly developed and executed in the Ruhr Area, became popular 30 years ago and shaped the aesthetics of illegal pieces through the country, from Hamburg to Munich. Writers like IZM, RIO, SAK, ENRO, IOS, WHO, HOT, CHEN, WUT, MASON, ATOM or ELZ shaped often gigantic minimalist letters with sharp edges, fat outlines and cleanly cut geometric elements instead of fadings in the fill-in. The uncommon colour schemes back then resulted from the superior coverage of pastel tones of the few available spray can brands.

Between 2021 and 2023 the participating writers painted more than 250 pieces, each one in a style that has not been used for decades in Germany. Besides creating new pseudonyms they accurately imitated their idols’ style, selection of colours and choice of spots. From train line blockbuster pieces to high quality burners on old train models – the attention to detail goes far beyond the typical one time tribute piece. Needless to say every photo included has been taken with an authentic cheap analog camera.

The NEW OLD STOCK magazine is a lovely made publication, aiming for a 90s style even in the layout, paying also a tribute to magazine culture from back in the days. We recommend to add the 96-paged staple-bound magazine, which is limited to 300 copies, to your collection.

96 pages, 21 cm x 29,7 cm
Language: English
Release date: August 2023
Publisher: Prelli Production / Doppelhand

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