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In autumn of 2013 the second AURI SACRA FAMES issue was released. Once again the concept was not to wait until writers send in photos of their works, hopefully relevant stuff in good photo quality, but to go out and document by ourselves what is going on in Berlin. With 236 pages the volume was as twice as big as the previous one and was mostly regarded as a book.

With a high amount of conceptual subways in Berlin the TBA crew caught our attention and so the spotlight was set on the guys’ actions in a 24 paged special. The variety of stylewriting was captured in the hall of fame part followed by the piece and story chapter featuring SKIM and SHEK. With 72 pages the S-Bahn chapter gave an update to the capitals’ rolling steel activities as well as the 36 paged U-Bahn section. In an interview special the producers of the UNLIKE U movie allowed us insight into their lawsuit with the BVG and finally the Schoolyard Mates present local and international trains.

Featured writers this time include SIN, OUPS, ZOUL, PREY, REVO, BLOK, SPIDER, ROGER, BUZZ, VIPER, DROW, FRESH, AMIK, RAMS, SUN79, OASE, BSOS, WILD, KABEL, ABIS and many others.

  • Tags Berlin section
  • TBA special
  • Halls Berlin section
  • SKIM & SHEK special
  • S-Bahn Berlin section
  • Unlike U special
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  • Schoolyard Mates special
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236 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, softcover
Language: German / English
Release date: October 2013

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