In June 2015 the fourth volume of the Berlin focused magazine was published. Just like in the previous issue the capital’s borders have been crossed only once, this time by featuring train experiences of the exile Berliner ZOUK in Southern Germany. Besides him the content is straight from the so called metropolis of graffiti and presented on 228 pages.

While trainspotting is a major part of the magazine since day one, a very interesting spotter caught our attention and was featured in a 23 paged special: The New York clean train legend VEN from the AOK crew. Being a Berlin resident since years he is one of most busy train spotters in town and did not only show his personal highlights, but also tells little stories on his adventures while chasing burners.

To more concentrate on really documenting the scene two chapters did have a special concept in No.4: The hall of fame section was put together by Foto-Sven, Berlins human graffiti archive, showing the 40 most active legal writers from 2014. Following the same documentation approach the 66 paged S-Bahn chapter did solely consist of likely all trains which were in traffic after the strike of the train drivers in 2014.

Last but not least KIRD exclusively did show pieces of a color concept series he did on Berlin S-Bahn and U-Bahn on 40 pages! The common chapters on tags, stations and U-Bahn feature writers like CLINT176, NOV, IEGIT, APER, ROCCO, TRIK, KISS, ZIZZY, SPIDER, SHADE, FIXER, BUZZ, ABIS, TRUS, TCK and many more.

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  • ZOUK – Bazouka Joe
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  • KIRD – Soultrainz
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228 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, softcover
Language: German / English
Release date: June 2015

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