DECADES – 2000-2010

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Only one year after the first DECADES book has given insight into the history of the Berlin graffiti writing scene, the second volume continues with the years 2000 to 2010. Just like in its precursor trainwriting is spotlighted, without leaving out walls or hall of fame pieces completely of the content. While not many writers from the 90s kept their level of output into the next ten years, new writers followed and pushed the limits.

Although in the 2000s magazines, books and ultimately the internet have been used to publish and document the scene, DECADES manages to show a lot of unknown stuff from writers, who eventually didn’t pay attention back then to share their photos like GEL, METRO, EHSONE or the CO2 and TFZ crews. As the previous chronicle, it is once again separated into general chapters, covering two years each, and portrait parts of 28 crews and writers from the German capital.

Publisher Peter Stelzig, who witnessed this decade and its aftermath as active writer, chose many important writers to put a spotlight on, like legendary MR.IX, SPAIR, ROGER, RELAX and SEKD. In personal texts all portrayed writers share memories, stories and reflective thoughts on their 2000s. From adventures in a back then non-gentrificated Prenzlauer Berg to the emerging of the so-called ‘Anti Style’ – DECADES covers the era in which Berlin arguably evolved into the world’s graffiti capital.

324 pages, 23,7 cm x 29,5 cm, hardcover
Language: German & English
Release date: November 2022
Publisher: Racoon

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