SAEIO 2009-2014 – dustjacket/cover


In the early 2010s the Paris based PAL crew seemingly popped out of nowhere with a new and fresh avant-garde style. With members like SAEIO, HORFÉ, KENO, MOSA, TOMEK, RISOT or SKUBB each member had an individual style and with the huge amount of output soon the supergroup became talk of the town all over Europe.

SAEIO was one of the crew’s iconic members. In an incomparable way of shaping letters and painting forms he brought a totally unique approach of writing in the field. Whether it has been his eye-catching tags, full colour shutter bombings in the streets of Paris or abstract shapes executed with paint and brush: SAEIO did push the boundaries of writing to extent with a free and never before seen stylistic language.

In 2015 Éditions Peinture published ‘SAEIO 2009-2014’, presenting highlights from his writing oeuvre of the recent years. When he tragically passed away in 2017 the book became a relic, summing up important works. The dustjacket was a foldable poster at the same time, showing a close-up on the outside and a index of all the featured works on the inside. The publishers produced a surplus of the dustjacket which is now available as a separate product. Whether you already own the rare book and didn’t dare to use it as a poster or if you missed it back then and want to take a glimpse on its content: we’re happy to offer you the original 2015 dustjacket now.

Note: The book “SAEIO 2009–2014” comes out in a second edition in 2023. You can get it here.

84,5 x 59,3 cm, uncoated paper
Release date: 2015

Publisher: Éditions Peinture

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