MELLIE – Catalogue of Unsolved Crimes


‘People often talk about the beginnings of Dutch graffiti culture in the eighties, but the mid-nineties was when it really exploded and became a subculture surrounded by stories, shadiness and foggy anecdotes. MELLIE had a leading role in many of them’
— Dutch Graffiti Library

For Catalogue of Unsolved Crimes, graffiti legend MELLIE recollects dozens of ridiculous, reckless, totally illegal and sometimes hard to believe adventures in Europe’s train yards and metro tunnels. From his early days in hometown Utrecht at the dawn of the 1990s, MELLIE’s spray-painted name drove transportation companies to madness for the better part of a decade. The name of his MSN crew explained the modus operandi succinctly: Maniakken Stoppen Nooit (‘maniacs never stop’). Catalogue of Unsolved Crimes, containing many contemporary photographs of MELLIE’s pieces, is an intimate memoir about bombing, racking, court cases, drugs & alcohol, friendships, travelling, toys, beef, police chases, fame, and anything in between and serves up vicarious thrills a mile a minute.

The beautiful produced book was sold out at the publisher on the day of it’s release. So we are very happy to offer you some of the last available copies. It is a limited edition of 666 pieces and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

384 pages, 16 cm x 23 cm, hardcover, numbered by certificate
Language: English
Release date: September 2023
Publisher: Ruyzdael

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