RAP is a Paris originated writer who started doing graffiti in the early nineties. As member of maybe the most iconic French bombing crews U.V. and TPK he has not only been active as a hardcore writer of the capital, he also always kept documenting what was going on around him.

“I’m a graffiti addict, so I couldn’t imagine not taking pictures of others too. So I took pictures of everything I could. […] My aim is to share and save those archives.” (Interview on in 2014)

Whether it has been tags in the streets or tunnels of Paris, heavily destroyed commuter trains, sometimes from all over Europe, or freight trains – RAP always kept an eye open for graff that was worth capturing. With the GRAFFALIFE series he started publishing parts of his big archive material in books and magazines, each with a thematic focus.

The seventh issue of GRAFFALIFE continues the tunnel documentations of RAP. This time the focus is the tunnel in between the stations Nanterre Université and Nanterre Préfecture of the RER A line. Once again you are invited to discover the traces you usually just see for a blink of an eye while passing by in a speeding train: classy tags and silver bombings by TRANE, RAP, COLORZ, RCF1, KISS, BOXER and MODE2, just to name a few. The zine starts with statements by YANK, RCF1, EYONE, KADE, DESA, RAP and KISS.

64 pages, 23,8 x 28,5 cm
Text: French
Release date: March 2012

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