Zugriff #2

Zugriff #2
14. November 2016 Hitzerot

Zugriff #2 –

Schriften zum visuellen Ungehorsam / Writings on visual disobedience

The second „Zugriff“ edition is also an exhibition catalog of the „Zeichen & Wunder – Graffiti as a visual dissidence“ exhibition, which took place in Bochum in November 2015. It was curated by Robert Kaltenhäuser.

The artists of the exhibition and their works, are in line with the avant-garde trend, which was already set with the first edition of the magazine. Thus in the second access one finds, concise texts on the depicted works of (among others) Allan Gretzki, DTagno, Jens Besser, Jeroen Erosie, Oliver Kuhnert, Toska, Wermke/Leinkauf and WiksKats.

52 pages, 10,5 cm x 21 cm, 1000 hand numbered copies
Authors: Robert Kaltenhäuser, Allan Gretzki, Alexander Basile, Harald Hinz, Katja Glaser, Jens Besser, Lene ter Haar, Fabian Kassner, Oliver Kuhnert, Toska
Language: German
Release date: November 2015
Publisher: Zugriff

Price: 7 €