Gossenpost No.1

Gossenpost Nr.1
13. February 2017 Hitzerot

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 Gossenpost Nr.1

„Since graffiti has moved into the cities, alleged vandals and the self-determined decision makers of the society duel over the design sovereignty in the public space.

The economic metropolis of Frankfurt, which is always striving to draw a bright picture of itself, is subject to this conflict. On one hand, a comparatively small but lively graffiti scene takes over the appearance of the city – on the other hand, their opponents buff like crazy; the valuable advertising space is stubbornly defended and the monitoring continuously expanded. GOSSENPOST documents the traces of this conflict.“

100 pages with more than 900 tags, throw-ups, bombings and more from Frankfurt.

100 pages, 29,7 cm x 21 cm, 300 hand numbered copies
Release date: October 2016