Editions of LET'S DISAPPEAR! – BUS126

Editions of LET’S DISAPPEAR! – BUS126

Editions of LET’S DISAPPEAR! – BUS126
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The usual LET’S DISAPPEAR! book set comes in a individual box, built by BUS126. But for a few copies the artist had insane ideas how to encase his publication. Ten unique, obsessed to detail boxes, each one an artwork of their own right, are now available in our shop. You want your signed copy wrapped into an 140 year old photobook, hidden in a black cardboard-iron case with red illuminating lights or a seed box-like collection filled with souvenirs from BUS’ travels? Check the completely varying editions below and choose wisely which of the hand-built cases should become your king of the bookshelf!

Release date: August 2019 / December 2019
Publisher: Hitzerot

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