No.2 – Maidono – LET'S DISAPPEAR! – BUS126

No.2 – Maidono – LET’S DISAPPEAR! – BUS126

No.2 – Maidono – LET’S DISAPPEAR! – BUS126
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While LET’S DISAPPEAR! is almost sold out, here comes a very special highlight! Ten unique and obsessed with detail created boxes, each one an artwork in their own right, hand-built by BUS126. Every box is signed by the artist and does also include the only signed copies of LET’S DISAPPEAR!.

17,6 x 25 x 35cm
Cardboard, cast-iron feet, hand-pulled red glass, fairy lights,

BUS126 is an oldschool writer who belongs to the first generations of the Berlin graffiti scene. Starting in 1986 with primary attempts in the south of Berlin BUS soon became known for his New York and Paris orientated pieces in the early nineties. After a time-out he had a comeback in the 2000s where he dropped into the sphere of avant-garde and trailblazing artists like AKIM and ZASD.

While still painting walls for example along the railway lines BUS126, inspired by new influences, began to break up the borders of traditional stylewriting in his pieces, started working on letter sculptures or let natural forms and structures have affect on his style (as in detail featured in Writing the Memory of the City).

In LET’S DISAPPEAR! he presents a selection of his artistic work since 2007 till 2019. As the title let’s assume the artist did not only made a retraction from public to mainly non-urban, abandoned or at least not easy accessible places and areas, but also dissolves his pieces more and more into abstract forms and spaces. Although in the publication is stated that “style is also extremely different to get rid of”, a personal style still remains even if elements like outlines or concrete letter shapes are hard to make out.

In addition to the 128 paged photo book LET’S DISAPPEAR! also includes a separated 64 paged text book with essays by P. Vector Codierer, ZASD, AKV Stocklosa, Joachim Spurloser and SPAIR as well as a conversation with Markus Mai and Tobias Barenthin Lindblad. While his companions wrote on BUS126 and his work, the talk gets more into depth and focuses on the artists roots, inspirations, style theory, repetition, anti-style and the ability to learn, master and break rules.

Please contact us concerning the shipment. The boxes need special treatment and care while being transported so shipping costs will be calculated in every individual case. Free delivery within Berlin.

Two books in a unique special box, 128 and 64 pages, 14,5 x 20 cm
Text: English
Release date: August 2019 / December 2019
Publisher: Hitzerot

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