Punk Graffiti Archives: The Netherlands


On the occasion of the 3rd UNLOCK BOOK FAIR its originator Javier Abarca did release Punk Graffiti Archives: The Netherlands. Together with Thomas Chambers the book was created to give insight into the long tradition of Dutch namewriting, especially focusing on Amsterdam, where the book fair took place in 2018.

With support from the collections and archives of Diana Ozon, the Dutch Graffiti Library and others, the publication puts together a great amount of historic sources like photographs, video stills, translated newspaper articles, scanned zines from the late 70s and early 80s and even content of the super rare 1983 “AmXXXdamned Graffiti”. Besides an interview with KRENG also the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague are featured, looking back on a similar punk namewriting culture.

In addition to the more in-depth AMSTERDAM ON TOUR by AGAIN and A’DAM GRAFFITY we recommend this collection of primary sources to research, understand or just admire the works by DR.RAT, EGO, N-POWER, DR.AIR, THE DUMB, END, WALKING JOINT, DE ZOOT, VENDEX, KODIAK STONE and all the other Dutch masters.

Punk Graffiti Archives: The Netherlands was published together with Punk Graffiti Archives: Madrid to spotlight two independent European namewriting phenomenons of a similar kind which appeared before the New York graffiti virus took over Europe.

166 pages, 17 x 24 cm, Softcover, 2nd edition
Language: English
Release date: September 2019
Publisher: Urbanario and Hitzerot

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