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With BLACKBOOK 01 a brand new series of publications is launched by the team behind one of the world’s biggest blogs on graffiti: ILOVEGRAFFITI. After 15 years of documentation, research, producing and promoting the graffiti subculture, they decided to go straight back to the roots: A writer’s blackbook.

In the pre-internet era of analog photography the blackbook had an unique status. It often featured the writer’s best works, drafts, sketches from friends or tags from heroes – a private portfolio. With digital photography and even more with the transition of graffiti to social media a real book to collect and curate your work became less and less important. This might have lead to the publisher’s decision of bringing back this well established format as a counterpart to the seemingly infinite overkill of graffiti on the internet.

The first BLACKBOOK volume features the Berlin based writer CRYE. While being active since the early 2000s he never paid much attention to spread photos of his work in publications or even online. This fact allowed to put together a 128-paged hardcover with 350 exclusive photos from his writing career. Especially since subways from CRYE popped up regularly in traffic in recent years, he is best known for high quality burners in the New York style tradition. Besides a big interview with him, companions and personal heroes like JEPSY, AZUR, BAS2, SKUME, BLUE or QUER have been invited to share their thoughts.

The BLACKBOOK publications will be an ongoing series, giving selected writers the opportunity to curate and share a personal blackbook. Don’t miss the chance to grab the first volume now!

Note: The book was produced a second time in a limited run with the same cover material of the “Blackbook 02 – ABIS”. Same content only different cover.

128 pages, 29,7 x 21 cm, hardcover, soft touch cover with silver highlight
Language: English
Release date: May 2023
Publisher: RED TOWER Publishing