Hood Projects – Exhibition Catalogues

Hood Projects – Exhibition Catalogues (TRIPL, VINO, R. Borrmann, KAOS, …)


Hood Projects – Exhibition Catalogues
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The catalogues were published by hood projects (an exhibition series curated by Peter Michalski) in Düsseldorf from different exhibitions. The price is for one catalgue. Please check if the right one is selected below.

All catalogues are 14,8 cm x 21 cm and in German/English.
Publisher: hood projects

TRIPL – Motion & Illusion
Release date: November 2023

Błażej Rusin – graffscapes
Release date: September 2023

On Platform 2: The European Edition – KAOS, TRIPL, VINO
Release date: April 2023

R. Borrmann: Diamonds – gentle giants
Release date: February 2023

abcdef – noting by nature
Release date: September 2022

Jakob Traxlmayr – State of Emergency
Release date: May 2022

On Plattform 1: The Old School – JEPSY, SHARK, KENT (SOLD OUT)
Release date: April 2022

won abc – mysterium magnum (SOLD OUT)
Release date: November 2021

1UP – the vibe is vibing (SOLD OUT)
Release date: July 2021


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1UP – the vibe is vibing, won abc – mysterium magnum, On Plattform 1: The Old School – JEPSY, SHARK, KENT, Jakob Traxlmayr – State of Emergency, abcdef – noting by nature, R. Borrmann: Diamonds – gentle giants, On Plattform 2: The European Edition – KAOS, TRIPL, VINO, Błażej Rusin – graffscapes, TRIPL – Motion & Illusion

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