Moures – Faces

Moures – Faces
2. March 2018 Hitzerot

Moures – Faces

When it comes to trainwriting, taking photos of the finished piece is as common as masking your face or using gloves to not leave fingerprints. In Athens there seems to be another strange but common ritual to follow. Tagging and posing in the front of the subways front after a successful action.

“It’s the moment you know the session went well…”

‘MOURES’ is a compilation of these ‘shots of success’ which have been collected in between 2000 and 2012. The hand-bound book invites the beholder into the dark tunnels of the Greek capital. On the 96 pages there is not a single panel, wholecar or top-to-bottom piece documented. But instead you can find various shots of the trains defeated ‘faces’ with glowing red eyes, conquered and marked by proud knights who won exhausting fights against the gigantic beasts, crawling through the tunnels of Athens.

“…you don’t see faces and expressions, however you understand the feelings of fear, stress and adrenaline…”

This beautiful produced publication is not another book on writing. Although legendary writers and crews like BANOS, HONET, BOING, UDK, FROGS, BRAIN and more are featured, it’s not about the outcome of train-writing, but focuses on a important byproduct. This special concept makes it unique and interesting, it even gets you closer to the action. The collectors item is limited to 200 pieces and we’re happy to offer you the very last copies.

96 pages, 16,5 x 19,4 cm, 200 hand numbered copies, silk screen cover,
Language: Greek and English
Release date: January 2013
: Moures