Cargocolor Nummerdrei

Cargocolor Nummerdrei
13. March 2018 Hitzerot

Cargocolor Nummerdrei

After the first two issues of the Cargocolor magazine only had to offer photographic content just like their blog, this time the guys behind the fanzine created a concept issue combining texts and photos focusing on the topic of traveling.

In eleven chapters you are invited to follow writers to Azerbaijan (MAGIC), experience an almost-busting in Richmond, Canada (ANED & BUDE) or join APL315s experience with Korean cans in Mongolia.

The wide spread concept of the third Cargocolor issue allowed their participants also sharing photos and stories without a direct writing-context. For example a hobo-like trainride from Berlin to Hamburg or the search, finding and loss of a secret hidingplace inside a shut down freighttrain car.

The 52-paged Cargocolor zine is limited to 300 copies only and does also feature artworks by MATEZ, DR.OGEN, STYLO, Jack Tezam, TM87-Crew, RHB, SHEM, OGTOK, NOTZ, EMSA, NORD and more. If you’re a fan of painted rusty beauties and the subculture around it, this mag is a must!

52 pages, 20,1 x 26,8 cm, limited to 300 copies
Language: German except ANED (English) without translation
Release date: May 2015
Studio außer Haus