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SPAIR. Five letters which appear mostly as chrome and black tags, rooftops, line- and streetpieces all across the city of Berlin. The simplicity in letter design is what gives these writings a undeniable recognizability. But the writings can also be found far away from crowded spots right in the middle of the city. Especially in hidden rooms inside of bridges, sewer tunnels and backyards as well as on freight trains and in bunkers you can find a big amount of his works.

The artist’s omnipresence at highly frequented spots on the one hand and his marks at places where no public audience could be expected on the other hand is what makes his oeuvre contradictory and unique.

In MIRROR TALK we can find atmospheric analog documentary photos of his pieces along with insights in the ways he explores specific and unknown places which clearly set the local context in focus. The 108 paged photo book Is exclusively available at Hitzerot.

MIRROR TALK was sold out for years and is one of the titles people ask us about most often. For the release of his second publication PLAY2HARD we printed a small run of 100 books. Better be quick on that one.

108 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, softcover, second edition of 100 copies
Release date: December 2022 (2017)
: Hitzerot

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