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Today Berlin is known worldwide as one of the most important places when it comes to graffiti. While in the mid-eighties the town had a slow start compared to other European cities, writing exploded after the Wall came down with heaps of talented and busy writers. With the first volume of his DECADES series photographer and writer Peter Stelzig did put together an extensive chronicle, covering the years 1990 till 2000.

The 324-paged hardcover consists of chronological main chapters, whose layout is reminiscent of 90s magazines with sometimes 10 to 15 photos on a spread. In between almost 40 writers and crews are featured in individual chapters, often accompanied with retrospective texts. Besides well known names like POET, LYTE, REW, SOME, BAS2, SHEK, INKA and MRN, you can also find writers, that also have been pretty active but were not that present in publications yet like SIM crew, STEAK, WEX or BOY.

DECADES combines hundreds of known and unknown photographs, uniting protagonists from the east and the west for the first time to this extent. Without the claim of completeness the book anyway gives insight in a booming scene, which should pave the way to the 2000s when Berlin eventually became an even more creative melting pot. Important writers and crews from the following ten years are captured in the subsequent volume DECADES 2000-2010.

324 pages, 23,7 cm x 29,5 cm, hardcover
Language: German & English
Release date: May 2021
Publisher: Racoon

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