Jürgen Große – Urban Art Photography

Jürgen Große – Urban Art Photography
30. October 2017 Hitzerot

Jürgen Große – Urban Art Photography

In the 2000s Berlin developed from a European large city with roots in a traditional writing history, dating back into the early eighties, to a global metropolis of graffiti. Local writers like Akim, Bus126, Idee, Zast, Kripoe, Roger, Spair and others left conventional stylewriting behind and experimented on new interpretations of graffiti and on new materials to leave their mark.

At the same time different forms of urban expression such as adbusting and using stencils became more and more popular. International artists like Swoon, Blek le Rat and Banksy explored public space as a medium and were later on recognized as the avant-garde of a movement which is today known as street-art.

In Urban Art Photography you will find the outstanding photographic documentations by Jürgen Große. His big sized photobook unites the who-is-who of urban art in that special period of time. The book does not only give an comprehensive overview, Große also focuses on the development of certain places by revisiting them over and over again.

The title is a must-have for everybody interested in the Berlin graffiti-scene. It’s not only a documentation of trailblazing artists which are all still active today, it’s further more a testimony of a city in which most of the shown places and artworks created there, are not existing anymore.

Featured artsits are: 6, Agähn, Adams, Akay, Akim, André, Atari, Birds, Brad Downey, Broa, Brom, Bus126, CBS, Clint176, Crash Point 3000, Cream, Dosh, Exot, Gate, Gelbe Faust (yellow fist), Hesht, Idee, Kegr, KHC, Kripoe, Lost Soul, Nomad, Orion, Os Gemeos, RCB, Roger, Sao Paulo, Spair, Sky Walkers, Swoon, Thief, Tower, Tryone, U.T., Zast, Zevs and many others.

216 pages, 29,5 x 32 cm, Hardcover
Language: German, English
Release date: January 2008
Publisher: urban-art.info

Price: 25 € (49,90 €)