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In 2007 the German writers MOSES & TAPS™ decided to swap their names. Within the next 1000 days they tried to paint 1000 trains with their new aliases. The resulting INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER™ book instantly became a milestone in the field of monographic graffiti publications. Ten years after its release the duo published TOPSPRAYER EXPIRED™ in 2021, an updated and extended version with yet unpublished photos, new stories and insights into their project. With 176 extra pages it comes as a completely new publication.

According to German legislation acts of vandalism as shown in the book are fully expired after ten years. This fact allowed them to include loads of additional footage from the respective era for the very first time as well as pieces that have been painted after its release up to 2012. Instead of just adding another chapter the whole publication was re-edited and the format changed from landscape to portrait. This allowed to refresh the way each shot is shown and set the project in a more focused and thought-out layout.

The outcome is a 448-paged high quality hardcover book with loads of unseen content and different shots of some of the already known trains. While some of the featured texts have been left out or rewritten, new one’s were added which e.g. reflect on the original books’ impact, like the essay from graffiti lawyer Dr. Patrick Gau. So even if you already own the previous edition, we think it’s absolutely worth adding the EXPIRED™ version with its bonus content and new form of appearance to your shelf as well.

Note: Some of the books have slightly bumped corners only on the cover due to shipping. These books we offer cheaper as “slightly damaged”. See examples when selecting it.

448 pages, 24,6 x 28,5 cm, hardcover, flip image cover, additional mirror card
Language: German & English
Release date: May 2021
Publisher: Publikat Publishing

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