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“After a decade of cycling the streets of OFFM (Offenbach and Frankfurt/Main), taking thousands of photos and releasing five thematic issues of Gossenpost-magazine, time has come for this catalog.”

As the maniac behind the Gossenpost issues states in the introduction of SYSTEM OF HANDSTYLES, this catalog is something different than the recent editions of his magazine. While the city of Frankfurt/Main, just like many other bigger cities in Germany, have to face a gentrification-like rapid change of the cityscape, this publication sums up his documentations from the last years of works which mostly do not exist anymore.

The 260 paged book consists of two big main chapters: ‘Tags’ and ‘Throw-Ups’. Both of them include a mixture of already published material added to hundreds of new and exclusive photos. The question arises how to present this huge load of graffiti of more than 2500 photographs? Once again the content is arranged in lovely selected sub-chapters like naive beginner throw-ups, oldschool tags, easily to identify as at least 25 to 30 years of age by their distinctive style and condition, or by more obvious common characteristics like the chosen color.

No matter if you are an enthusiast for the Frankfurt style or into tags and throw-ups in general: this huge collection of illegal activities offers hours of handstyle entertainment and is a document of the city’s scene from 2008 to 2022 at the same time. The massive softcover publication is limited to 300 copies and includes countless works from writers like ZORIN, BORNE, MURAT, DENK, MASKE, TOOK, CZAR, KAIRO, GRIZZ, ASLAK, OSCAR, CPUK, 1UP, PSE, TAKA, TFOG, DNIRO, RADAU, LLOYD, ROAM, VERSACE, and many, many more.

260 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, softcover in numbered and stamped envelope, edition of 300
Language: English
Release date: April 2022
Publisher: Gossenpost

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