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A history of graffiti and street art from the 90s to now

SOFIA URBAN ART is the first summarizing publication on the graffiti and street art scene in the Bulgarian capital. The recently released volme is separated into four chronological chapters and parts on legal spots, exhibitions, festivals, STREET ART ≠ GRAFFITI, etc. The narration leads from early protest graffiti within the democratization process, upcoming namewriting in the mid 90s, the street art movement in the mid 2000s to urban art and murals within in the city until today.

For deeper insight into the city’s history and scene selected interviews are included with important figures like JAY63, Lachezar Boyadzhiev, VAPSKY, NDOE, RADAR, MORE, Destructive Creation, 140 Ideas, NASIMO and emircA. In more than 600 photos you get a good impression of each featured era and relevant writers, artists and their works. Whether it’s XPOME’s outstanding bombings, MAZE’s brilliant stylewriting pieces or the amazing murals from One for all ideas.

SOFIA URBAN ART was released in November 2023 and comes as a 256-paged hardcover with high quality printing. The content features: ERIC273, MAD, SIRGO, X-NRG, TRASH LOVERS, SCUM, GAC, NICK, KOMBRE, ESC, SKYNET, REPTYL, BORIS, BIZARO, TELETO, RVT, ARDIZ, LOMBAR, NASTE, BLAYZ, PEST, CSC, LBC, STER, INK, ESP, OSM, POZE, and many others.

256 pages, 21,7 x 27 x 2,4 cm, hardcover
Language: Bulgarian and English
Release date: November 2023
Publisher: Sofia Graffiti Tour

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