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EGS from Finland is one of the few examples of writers who successfully made it into the art world with writing related works, while on the same time he did not stop to do traditional graffiti pieces outside his atelier. The urge to still go out and paint and working on his style seems to interact with the variety of works shown in his exhibitions.

REPUBLIC OF EGS is his brand new exhibition catalogue accompanying the current show in the Helsinki based Didrichsen Art Museum: Embassy of EGS. Once again his works are shown equally whether it’s train pieces from 1996 in the UK, canvas works from 2023 or his amazing multicoloured glass sculptures. Keeping all kinds of his work on the same level and not allowing to devalue any of them, seems to push the artist’s creativity further and further.

The 120-paged softcover exhibition catalogue functions as a travel guide through an imaginary country. The content is separated into six chapters: geography, folklore, language, identity, landscape and subterranea. With an introduction by museum director Maria Didrichsen it shows the artist’s full range of abilities with works from several cities in Albania, Finland, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Australia, Germany, Lithuania, United States, Morocco, Scotland, Russia and The Netherlands. Each copy comes with a folded exhibition poster (41,3 x 29,5 cm).

120 pages, 21 x 21 cm, softcover with added folded exhibition poster
Language: English, Finnish, Swedish
Release date: June 2024
ISBN: 978-952-5567-77-9
Publisher: Didrichsen Art Museum

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