Punk Graffiti Archives: Madrid


On the occasion of the 3rd UNLOCK BOOK FAIR in 2018 its originator Javier Abarca did release Punk Graffiti Archives: Madrid. Together with Thomas Chambers the book was created to give insight into the tradition of the “flechero”, a punk related namewriting movement in the city of Madrid.

The book puts focus on the pre-graffiti tagging scene in the Spanish capital which was single-handed initiated by MUELLE in the mid 80s. Due to the fact that his signature-like oneliner mark was always accompanied by an spiral underline ending with an arrow, the phenomenon was called “flechero” (“arrowed”). Next to photographs and translated newspaper articles, primary sources are authentic cut out advertising panels from the subway stations, one of the artists’ main targets back then.

Having the arrow as reappearing element, a writers tag was developed into a logo signature which had to look exactly the same and was from then on repeatedly executed throughout the city, using markers and spraypaint. While most of the writers sticked to a marker as preferred tool, MUELLE obviously was influenced by the upcoming New York graffiti and started creating pieces by outlining his logo, adding fill-ins, highlights and shadows.

The publication introduces a mainly unknown self-sufficient writing culture with great historic footage featuring MUELLE, BLECK (LA RATA), LARRY88, GLUB, RAFITA, JOSESA PUNK, REMEBE and many others who later left their “fechero” past behind and, unlike in Amsterdam, became graffiti writers of the first and second generation in Madrid.

Punk Graffiti Archives: Madrid was published together with
Punk Graffiti Archives: The Netherlands to spotlight two independent European namewriting phenomenons of a similar kind which appeared before the New York graffiti virus took over Europe.

118 pages, 17 x 24 cm, Softcover, 2nd edition
Language: English
Release date: September 2019
Publisher: Urbanario

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