23. August 2021 Hitzerot


As passionate lovers, collectors and publishers of magazines and books on graffiti, we sometimes stumble across interesting little publications, which didn’t popped up on our radar while they were available. In some cases we luckily get the possibility to reprint these sold out gems and help reaching a bigger audience. The latest example is the Leipzig focused RUSH magazine from 2018, whose 100 copy run was sold out within a few days.

Whether it is called anti-, ill-, ugly- or naive style, Leipzig seems to be the home or at least temporary residence of a big amount of writers, who do not accept the alleged restrictions of a traditional New York style. Names like OGTOK, SHEM, LOBO, KATDOG or PIANO are known for their unique ways of shaping their pseudonyms far beyond the city limits. Besides them UHZOO 803, HOR, EVER, PSYCHO, KLOAK, HAYF, MOE, KANIS, ADIOS and NACHOS are featured in writer specials.

Furthermore the 100 paged softcover magazine includes traditional chapters like tags, rooftops, throw ups, trucks, freights from e.g. SNOW, WAVER, BLUFF152, RALLY or TECHR and (our little highlight) a collection of seemingly first attempts from real graffiti beginners. The layout reminds of classic 90s graffiti magazines, showing often more than 20 photos on each spread.

The 2nd edition of RUSH magazine was published in 2019 in a run of 200 copies. We are especially glad to finally offer the re-issue now and hope it finds the way into your bookshelf, just like it did in ours.

100 pages, A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
Language: German
Release date: 2018
Publisher: Rush Magazin

Price: 10 €