Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia

Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia
13. April 2018 Hitzerot

Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia

As New York City developed its own name writing culture in the 1960s, so did Philadelphia. In “Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia” you get an insight into a collection of historic black-and-white photographs from the late 60s to the early 80s documenting the city’s tag culture. The big sized (24cm x 34cm) photo book does not focus on special names or styles, it rather puts together shots from different photographers showing the towns railway stations, schoolyards and street corners. The name writings seem to be an omnipresent part of Philadelphia’s cityscape.

This 2007 book is a great document on a city’s own wall writing phenomenon which did not lead into a stylewriting and piecing culture at first as it was the case one hundred miles away in NYC. On the 96 pages you can find first attempts of the later famous “Philly Style” as well as tags by first generation innovators like DR. COOL, KOOL KLEPTO KIDD and of course the well-known CORNBREAD. The foreword is written by the Philadelphia originated writer Stephen “ESPO” Powers.

Grab this publication for a special discount price! If you are interested in the history and origins of nowadays worldwide name writing culture, this publication is a must!

96 pages, 24 x 34 cm
Language: English
Release date: 2007
Publisher: From Here to Fame