Der Edelstein – Wand

Der Edelstein – Wand


Der Edelstein – Wand
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„A look at Berlin walls, as well as their optical changes through various factors.
In addition to this, textual contributions by scene-wise persons.“ / „A look at Berlin walls and the way they change due to various factors. In addition, artists and interested parties provide small texts“

The first printed „Edelstein“ magazine focuses on the wall as a medium for graffiti. Thereby it pays attention to mutability and unpredictability of walls due to external optical influences, such as weathering, renovation or attempted cleaning.

Additionally you’ll find eight texts by writers and insiders.
Texts: Markus Mai, Osif Seiksuh, SPAIR, Joachim Spurloser, LILLI & MAGIC, P. Vector coders, Carsten / Graffitiarchiv, DRUM88

Actors on walls: MRIX, BUS126, IGID, CLINT176, Miserables, SPAIR, HEZHT, BAMBOO, MAGIC, DIZZY, CREAM, and much more.

92 pages, 21 cm x 29,7 cm
Release date: June 2016
Language: german, exception “Markus Mai” in english
Publisher: Der Edelstein

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