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The PFFFestival is a new annual non-profit event in the city of Stuttgart which was launched in 2022. Local and international artists come together and design chosen facades with gigantic murals all around town. Each year an accompanying magazine will be published on the participating artists and related topics in German and English language. It features scientific essays, interviews and exhibition catalogue like portraits of the artists.

Table of contents:

  • Foreword – Mathias Weinfurter
  • AUFGERÄUMT (tidied up)
  • Sustainability in Graffiti Art and the Spray Paint Industry – Luc Hillege
  • Shape_Shifter – Felix Schipp
  • From Colorful Trains to Political Activism – WISH AK47
  • Eloise Gillow
  • Alexandre Bavard (MOSA87)
  • Erika Nystrøm
  • Marking Places and Other Parallels – Letzte Generation (interview with Irma Trommer by Mathias Weinfurter)
  • Mike Ballard (interview by Mathias Weinfurter)
  • Julia Humpfer
  • RISK & SHER – No comment.
  • PFFFestival Impressions

156 pages, 21 x 26 cm, softcover
Language: German/English
Release date: 2023
Publisher: Studio Vierkant Press

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