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From the late 1990s on METRO, member of the legendary B.A.D. crew, became one of Berlin’s most interesting trainwriters. In METRO // STAR – The Memories That Remain selected pieces from this era until 2004 are in focus. Together with writers like MR.IX, SEKT, MICRO, RINO, RAGE, AREA, FOUR, RUZD79, and others he did belong to the early 2000s top players on Berlin U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains.

The hardcover consists of five chronological chapters, each one starting with an self-reflecting introduction by STAR. From early dirty and rough attempts to well known later vivid and sharply shaped letter pieces the stylistic development can be followed alongside his most important pieces. A raising quantity of works also brought an improving quality and evolving of an own iconic panel style, often executed in the most uncommon colour schemes. With aliases like NITRO and ACID he reached his peak in the middle of the millennium.

On 120 pages you can find mostly flashlight panel and wholecar photos from his archive which are interspersed with sketches, action shots, and a few wall pieces. Although Hamburg, Russia or New York are part of the content as well, the majority of the pieces have been executed in Germany’s capital. The book puts one of Berlin’s outstanding trainwriters into the spotlight, who seemingly managed to find a perfect eye-catching and individual panel style. Although out of the game for 20 years with the beautiful produced METRO // STAR his importance to Berlin’s graffiti history has now finally been manifested.

120 pages, 21,5 x 21,5 cm, hardcover, swiss brochure
Language: German/English
Release date: February 2024
Publisher: Racoon Books

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