Guide 02

Guide 02
30. May 2017 Hitzerot

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Guide 02 – ZKAP

„Do not expect me to make you smile.“ is the official subtitle of the second edition of the Prague Guide Magazine. It is a concept edition that focuses on the writer ZKAP.

In the magazine the member of the GR crew contrasts obscure photographs and graphics of physically impaired people with his pieces. The sprayer may draw parallels between perfect bodies and perfect styles, juxtaposing them with his often disproportionate and logically flawed letters.

What is the writer’s sense of entitlement, what are the expectations of the viewers – and do they have to be fulfilled?

Albeit unexpressed, in the 52-page zine ZKAP goes further into a question of perfection and the meaning of it concerning styles and human bodies.

52 pages, 21cm x 14,8 cm, 35 copies
Release date: 2017
Publisher: Guide