Guide 01

Guide 01
29. May 2017 Hitzerot

Guide 01

The first edition of the Guide Magazine lives up to its name and serves as a guide on a tour through the Czech capital. On 92 black-and-white and color pages the writers Zkap and Daffy present a selection of the best Prague „Trash Graffiti“ bombers of recent years. It was printed on different papers and has a pleasant feel.

The collection of works by NOD, RAW, FC, RNR, TCS, SPY and others shows, that classical graffiti with perfect proportions and clean lines right now is not en vogue in Prague. The scene is rather characterized by unconventional, naive and raw-shaped style pieces with usually no more than two to three colors.

The magazine is limited to 150 copies and gives insights into a unique style cosmos of the Prague scene with artists as Zkap, Bior, Catze, Close, Zero and others. It‘s reanimating to pay attention to the reduced and abstract pieces; especially in times in which the mainstream seems to celebrate mainly brightly colored, lifeless, overloaded by effects full-color pieces.

Guide 01 offers an interesting insight into the Prague bombing scene and shows once again that stylewriting does not have to be defined by the pursuit of perfectionism in graffiti crafting.

92 pages, 19,9cm x 14,5 cm, 150 hand numbered copies
Print method: Risograph / Digital Offset
Release date: 2016