Der Edelstein – Rauschen

Der Edelstein – Rauschen
26. December 2017 Hitzerot

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Der Edelstein – Rauschen

“There are millions of tags in Berlin. They can be found every hundred meters – somewhat like noise. Always there, like a disturbance with unspecified frequency, quality and origin.”

“Rauschen” takes the reader on a stroll through Berlin, stopping at writings which stand out from the perpetual flow of tags you go on with as you walk the city. Emmett Edelstein picked out his personal selection of interesting writers and places in which their work appears. His unique photographs capture tags on walls, doors, shutters, in backyards, hallways, etc. both in the streets and in abandoned places of the city.

You can find CLINT176s tags, who seems to develop new ways of writing it from tag to tag, MI.K.DO with his drawings who penetrates certain parts of Berlins center since years, BAMBOO with his down to the letter reduced writings and TECHRs fast and dynamic handstyles. Skimming through this publication you could continue this list endlessly.

Der Edelstein choose writers who dare to go own ways and develop an individual style whether through technique, handwriting or the tool they use. Just like in his last issue “Der Edelstein – Wand” selected artists wrote down their thoughts, stories and messages on the topic of “Rauschen”.

Texte: IXA, Do More Kaki 183, CLINT176, THUG1, Waldschrat 89, DODGE, CREAM, SPAIR, IGIT

***Supplement with translated texts***


98 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, Supplement 8 pages, 14,8 cm x 21 cm
Language: German and English
Release date: December 2017
Publisher: Der Edelstein

15 €