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The legendary Berlin crew CBS was active from 1995 until their public funeral in 2005. Especially in their last years they attracted attention with impressive actions, a good eye for spots and daring rooftops. In addition, there were many stickers and posters that dominated the cityscape. These were mostly created by MONKEY.

The series “Propaganda red” (and “Propaganda yellow”) were printed by MONKEY in 2002 in the famous screen printing studio “Fleischerei”. There are 3 different motives “Demo”, “Lenin” and “Haus des Lehrers”. The latter shows the huge fist on the scaffolding of the building at Alexanderplatz and the reaction after it was removed.

The prints are signed by the artist. They were never numbered. Some motives are almost out of print.

Note: These prints are now almost 20 years old. They have always been treated with care, but some have received partial traces over the years. You can see examples it in the pictures.

ca. 62,8 x 23,5 cm, signed by MONKEY
Paper: uncoated paper ca. 150 g/qm
Released: 2002

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