5. September 2021 Hitzerot


Although the title implicates it, BUS126s latest publication from July 2021 features works from the recent past. As part of the avant-garde DIAMONDS crew, BUS126 is one of the driving forces in constantly pushing the limits of writing in Berlin. While in some of the compiled artworks his name can easily be figured out, others leave behind the borders of lettering and seem to be consist of solely abstract elements.

The 60 paged zine shows selected pieces done with paint brush and spray can, executed in the nature, in abandoned places, as S-Bahn wholecars, in tunnels or hall of fame walls. On each spread you can find little sketches and drawings on the bottom page. An index at the end explains which of the content was co-produced with writers like COST88, ROY1st, FISO, EXOT, PRALL, IGID, HAMS and ZAST.

Accompanying to the publication BUS126 did produce three different limited art prints with special night glow paint, one of them added to each zine. Wait until you see them in the dark! The set is signed by the artist and the 150 copies of the zine are hand numbered as well.

60 pages, 16 x 24,4 cm, softcover, edition of 150 signed, hand numbered copies, 1 signed screen print included
Release date: July 2021
Publisher: BUS126