ARIS – Screen print

Aris – Screen print
13. May 2019 Hitzerot


Screen print

In the summer of 2017 the exhibition „Aber Du siehst mich nicht.“ (“… But you cannot see me”), which was curated by Robert Kaltenhäuser and Katja Glaser, took place at the former waiting room at Herne station. According to the subline “Malerei + Zeichnung in und auf industriellen Infrastrukturen.” (“Painting + Drawing in and on industrial infrastructure.”) the Museum für Visuelle Dissidenz presented works from ARIS (Italy) and TOCKA (Ruhr area).

On the occasion of the exhibition both artists produced a limited edition print showing their work on a freight train (ARIS) and located at an industrial railway (TOCKA). The 2-color screen printing on raw carton matches the non-urban atmosphere of their artworks.

The last remaining screen prints have been numbered and signed by the artists and are exclusively available at Hitzerot.

Size: 59,3 x 41,8 cm, Edition of 50, signed and numbered by ARIS
Paper: thick uncoated recycling paper
: Museum für Visuelle Dissidenz

Price: 60 €