451 – 452

451 – 452
1. February 2019 Hitzerot

451 – 452

The passion to paint trains is often combined with a big enthusiasm for trains, different and rare models and their history. Paradoxically trainwriters often admire and paint subways and commuter trains at the same time. For some interrail writers it has become a mission to travel global and cross off specific train systems off their personal list after painting them.

By publishing 451-452 the RNR crew from Prague paid tribute to one of their favourite local train models. Next to painted trains of that specific type you can find the detailed history of the “frogs”, starting as a Czechoslovakian prototype in 1959. The trains have mainly been used as commuter trains to connect Prague with its suburbs when in 2018 the last train unit was put out of service after more than five decades of usage.

On 52 pages the reader is guided through an accurately researched retrospective including historic photographic footage, technical specifications, different coatings and information on the areas of operation. Although the total number of 51 trains which have been produced since 1964 was did shrink more and more in the last years, the RNR crew managed to leave several marks on the remaining models.

52 pages, 16,8 x 24,6 cm, limited to 100 copies
Language: Czech and English
Release date: 2018
RNR Crew