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“Go outside – to the biggest and most beautiful museum! Read more graffiti!”

Graffitimuseum is a project by Jo Preußler, Aljoscha Begrich and Stefan Reuter. Since 2001, the group has been appearing in city walks, happenings and discussion events, in theater and performance projects, exhibitions, and in games in urban space.

For the 20th anniversary of the Graffitimuseum they invited to eight walks around the Rathausblock Kreuzberg to take a look at the current exhibition and the state of the collection and to negotiate different ways of seeing and reading graffiti.

On the occasion of the anniversary, a two-color screen print was created by artist Stefan Wartenberg. He captured the most important departments, research fields, and ideas of the Graffiti Museum. It was printed in an edition of 40 by Louise Drubigny and Printing Monkey.

70 x 50 cm, Edition of 40, 2 colors
Paper: uncoated warm white paper 300 g/qm
Released: December 2021
Publisher: Graffitimuseum

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