“This is the railroad story about mutants, trainnerds, coffeedrinkers, teadrinkers and railworkers who creep the freightyards and layups. Their only target is to hit the freight trains. The only tool they have is a solid paint stick. They leave drawings and signs, cryptic messages and crazy handstyles. The so called monikers. You don’t recognize them on first sight but once discovered you step into a never seen world.”

The American hobo-culture with its own name writing tradition and roots in the nineteenth century can be seen as precursor of the traditional New York graffiti. When writers started painting freight trains in the 1980s these two art forms met and due to the similarities like elaborated handstyle and focus on quantity and quality, they do not only coexist since then, but also a lot of writers started doing monikers following the old tradition.

Just like graffiti itself, writing on freight trains became popular in Europe with a little delay. Although an ancient European hobo name writing culture does not exist, freight train writers developed own tags, logos and monikers obviously admiring and saluting the idols from oversea. It was only a question of time before the first publication of that relatively new subgenre would be published.

Queenzbound comes as a trashy looking 52 paged D.I.Y. zine which arranges collected photos of monikers, tags and messages into collages of comics and motif related cut outs. Featured usual suspects are among others: TO GO, RELFY, RALLY, CAU53, STYLO, WOLF DAUBIN, IRGH, LIMP.H, SHEM, STREUNERBOY, NOTS, WENO, OGTOK, GRIP, KOSMO, ADV, FLASH, KATDOG, MOBY, NIHIL, MOODY POLLUTER, DO THE MATH, FIRE, K100, HEZHT, TOCKA and BARTO.

The zine is limited to 75 copies, hand-numbered and comes with an individual analog photograph

52 pages, 21 x 14,8 cm, Edition of 75, handnumbered
Release date: Augsut 2018
Publisher: Queenzbound

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