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The most common graffiti to find are tags, the writers’ names. While some writers work on their tag to finally have a definite logo-like sign with minor changes here and there, others never stop evolving their signature and seem to try out new things with every tag.

For his GRAFEMI zine Andrea Ceresa gathered five European taggers, which belong to the latter category. On 80 pages the writers 2LUKS (Paris), GUANO (Barcelona), IFDEF (Modena), PEACH (Copenhagen) and ZEE (Berlin/Florence) present their signatures in 40 photographs. Whether executed on doors, shutters, walls or ships, their eye-catching tags stand out.

As carefully as the editor chose the participants, as much attention he paid to the zine itself. After explaining his idea, he managed to get sponsored with Monocromo notebooks by the legendary Pigna company, which produce these books for Italian students for more than a century. To have the books printed Ceresa had to un-staple each copy and staple them together by hand afterwards.

The zine is limited to 150 copies, numbered by hand and comes in 12 different colorways. The beautiful little publication’s back cover was designed by Angelo Licciardello.

***Note: This is our last copy and it has litte pressure points on the cover.***

80 pages, 14,9 x 20,3 cm, edition of 150 hand numbered copies
Release date: October 2020
Publisher: Andrea Ceresa

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