About us

The outstanding and resisting characteristics made Hitzerot something special. We transfered these aspects to another field: prints and publications. As lovers of well produced publications we believe that great print-media has been published by people with a graffiti-background in the past and so will be in the future. Hitzerot wants to present and offer selected products as well as helping authors to distribute their books and magazines.



In the year 1994 a special color of the spraycan company Auto K was banned from the market because of an high amount of harmful substances. HT 650°C was the official name of the color which was known in the graffiti scene as “Hitzerot” (heatred).

Hitzerot was especially used to outline often giant silver pieces because of it’s unique glow-intensity and the great opacity of paint. Here and there you can still find traces of these pieces in Berlin and whilst the chrome has faded away over the years due to weather conditions, Hitzerot did stay consistent and almost as thick as in the good old days. The rare and expensive color achieved a cult-status within in the scene and the remaining pieces are often considered as legendary.