Writing the same name for over 25 years seems to lead into two possible scenarios: writers achieve a kind of individual peak of style and piecing, which is now constantly repeated with minor changes. Or the second, and by far more rare occurring one: writers who continuously work on their never-changing letters, facing the challenge to let their name look…

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  • Preorder: ROGER – NEVER BE LATE

    With ROGER – NEVER BE LATE we are proud to publish a 100 paged hardcover book on one of Berlins top notch writers of the last 25 years! Whether it’s tags, throw-ups, street pieces, trains or hall of fames: ROGER does it all. And he does it good! He is one of the guys who always seemed to have a…

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  • Der Edelstein – Wand (New cover)

    „A look at Berlin walls and the way they change due to various factors. In addition, artists and interested parties provide small texts“

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  • BERLIN: Writing Graffiti

    In June 2018 for the first time ever the attempt was made to exhibit the history of graffiti in Berlin. The exhibition was prepared together with writers and photographers from the writing scene, showing excerpts from 1983 until today. In December 2019 the exhibition traveled to Belgium to show an updated and improved version at the Manufacture111 in Brussels called…

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  • Punk Graffiti Archives: The Netherlands

    The history of graffiti in the Netherlands.

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  • Punk Graffiti Archives: Madrid

    The history of graffiti in Madrid.

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  • Aix Vandals – Graffiti und Writing in Aachen 1988–2018

    The history of graffiti in Aachen.

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  • BUS126 – Shizen – Screen Print

    For the launch of our second exclusive Hitzerot screen print, we are happy to have BUS126 once again as partner involved. With “Shizen” the Berlin based artist with roots in the Berlin graffiti history seems to give a direct continuation to his last artwork. Whilst his first screen print did show a chronological overview from his beginnings in the 1980s…

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  • Editions of LET’S DISAPPEAR! – BUS126

    The usual LET’S DISAPPEAR! book set comes in a individual box, built by BUS126. But for a few copies the artist had insane ideas how to encase his publication. Ten unique, obsessed to detail boxes, each one an artwork of their own right, are now available in our shop. You want your signed copy wrapped into an 140 year old…

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  • BOE – No condition is permanent

    BOE is part of the design studio Via Grafik which was formed as a graffiti collective in the late nineties. The group has been one of the first German crews which even back then was known for establishing abstract works within a writing context.

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