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What is Hitzerot?

In spring of 2015 the graffiti book enthusiasts Sascha Blasche and Steffen Köhler teamed up and found Hitzerot – an independent publishing house for graffiti related print publications. It was named after a legendary spray can colour, often used in Berlin in the early 1990s. The idea to not only offer own books and magazines but also distribute well selected printed works from other publishers was developed in the same year.
Almost a decade and more than 200 titles later Hitzerot has become one of the biggest shops and publishers in the scene. Our stock consists of must-have evergreens, extensive monographs, limited zines, important major releases, scientific readers, print editions and of course a broad variety of our own Hitzerot volumes.
Whilst in the recent years the number of graffiti related books reached a all-time peak we constantly kept our eyes open for interesting content and the most relevant titles. Our mission from day one has not changed: We are aiming to offer you the highest quality publications with a graffiti context out there.